How To Learn BUSINESS ?

The bacteria so it works great feeds the bacteria you can just use two tablespoons one gallon of water and just use it as a spray I mean you can even spray your lawn fertilize your lawn .

With it and your plants but what I actually use and I think is the best is liquid seaweed I use two tablespoons of liquid seaweed one tablespoon of molasses and Use that mixture to spray on.

My plants it works great as a as a fertilizer as well but like on tomato plants and stuff like that if you have a problem with spider mites if you use that formula.

you’re not going to have a problem with spider mites or anything like that so it doesn’t kill the spider mites but what it does is it strengthens the leaves and toughen up .

The leaves of like your tomato plants and stuff I’m using the seaweed and the molasses to where the spider mites can’t really bite into the leaf and leaf and suck .

The stuff out soit just it doesn’t kills spider mites but it just prevents them from damaging your plants and you won’t really have an issue with them so molasses is definitely some great.

sSuff if you guys watch the episode on compost tea you know that you know I aso add that to my compost tea this stuff is you can’t have enough of it so really great stuff so something else you might have laying around the house here is just aspirin you know